Flashswap is a protocol for the decentralised trading and execution of financial products.

It is designed for fully automated, end-to-end margin trading on open public networks, secured with proof of stake.

Range of collateral options
Flashswap will connect to major blockchains for collateral, which can be in any digital asset including Bitcoin, ERC20 tokens, and stable coins.
Straightforward market creation
Pseudonymous market creation means any participant can easily create and launch markets.
Collateral and settlement
Collateral is managed by the network via links to other blockchains. Funds are deposited by paying into a smart contract on a host chain.

2020 Q4

Margin and options protocol research and Flashswap-script guide release

2021 Q1

Testnet alpha release, MVP release and closed user group testing

2021 Q2

Mainnet release and platform launch with margin and option trading

2021 Q2

Liquidity incentive program and start of liquidity mining