End-to-end decentralized protocol for trading financial derivatives

Security and correctness
Designed with security and testability in mind
Blockchain performance
Cutting edge of public blockchain performance in terms of latency and throughput
Application performance
The application layer must perform on a par with professional (including non-blockchain based) trading systems
Connected blockchain or cryptocurrency for operation or trading and settlement

Kamram Reynolds

Over 6 years of experience in fintech and data product strategy, data science products, and technology architecture, building successful SAAS, PAAS, and blockchain data services platforms in multi languages.

Steven Stankovic

5+ years experience in software development, Senior Java / J2EE / Web / Android Developer and Architect with more than 5 years experience of full time work.

Peirre Richard

Network full-stack engineer, specializing in automated operation and maintenance, and has extensive experience in development and product shaping

Adam Taylor

With a PhD in computer science, he is an experienced infrastructure analyst.

Lamia Sophie

Many years of middle management experiences and relevant experiences in Internet operation and promotion.